Family Defense Teams

Attorneys, Social Workers, and Parent Advocates

National Recognition of CFR's Model

In 2015, the New York State Bar Association awarded CFR the Award for Promoting Standards of Excellence in Mandated Representation, noting that CFR “exemplifies and defines the highest professional practice standards, is a recognized innovator in parent representation and is a tireless advocate for legislative and policy reform.”

New York State Bar Association Award


In 2017, the outgoing Obama Administration cited CFR as “exemplary” in a Memorandum issued to all 50 states, by the Administration for Children, Youth and Families. The memorandum noted that CFR’s high-quality model was critical to achieving better outcomes for children.

Memorandum (Appendix A, pg. 17 – CFR cited)


In 2020, the Federal Administration for Children Youth and Families issued guidance to all 50 states on the importance of high quality visiting for children in the foster system, and mentioned CFR’s advocacy for visiting hosts in the memo.

Memorandum (under Innovative Approaches, pg. 12 – CFR cited)