Community Advocacy Project

Providing “early defense” to help parents during an ACS investigation and help for parents who want to clear their state records

Contact Us if You Hear from ACS

When ACS (ACS is the New York City Administration for Children’s Services) contacts parents, most people respond without getting help. ACS has the power to remove your children, insist that you engage in services you may not agree with, or prosecute you in court. But we are here for you and our services are free. Call us before you talk to ACS. En Español

Is ACS investigating you?
If so and you live in Queens or Manhattan, please email for help.

Has ACS told you to come to Family Court in Queens or Manhattan for a case regarding your children?
If you answered yes, please email for help.

Or contact us by phone:
Call or text 646-809-4308 if you are in Manhattan.
Call or text 347-286-4365 if you are in Queens.

We are lawyers, social workers and parent advocates, who themselves have confronted ACS investigations. We do not work for ACS. We may be able to represent you if ACS is investigating you. We can keep working with you for free if ACS brings a case against you in Family Court.

Please do not discuss your case with anyone until you call us and speak with us. If someone does not answer when you call, please leave your number or email address.

If you live in Manhattan or Queens, and you have been investigated by ACS and now hope to clear your name from the State’s database (SCR), we may be able to help you. Email

Even if your case never ends up in court, an ACS investigation can mean that current or future employers can access your state record for as long as 28 years. CFR may be able to assist you in clearing your record or blocking employers from seeing it.