Training & Technical Assistance

Bringing CFR’s Expertise to the Community and Colleagues

Every year CFR trains more than 1,900 professionals throughout the country on strategies to promote family preservation, on youth defense and on holistic interdisciplinary advocacy and representation. CFR’s training and technical assistance work strives to instill knowledge, practical techniques and skills, passion, creativity, and enthusiasm for representing parents and youth. We customize trainings to meet an audience’s needs. Contact [email protected] for more information and read what people say about our training and TA.

Community Based Presentations. Designed for parents, youth, service providers, funders, elected officials and their staff.

Read more about our presentation menu:

  • Family Court 101/Child Welfare 101
  • Know Your Rights
  • De-escalating Encounters with the Police (for Youth and their Parents)
  • State Central Register for Child Abuse and Maltreatment Advocacy:
    Amend and Seal
  • Collateral Consequences of a Child Welfare Investigation
  • Supporting Justice-Involved Parents in the Child Welfare System

Cornerstone Advocacy and Cornerstone Institute

Much of our training and Technical Assistance focuses on strategies to speed the safe return of children from the foster system. Our Cornerstone Advocacy model focuses on state specific laws, regulations and policies in the areas of improving service plans, foster system placement and visiting for families separated by the foster system, and opportunities for advocacy at out-of court conferences.

In addition to key note presentations and workshops on CFR’s Cornerstone approach, CFR also hosts the Cornerstone Institute—multi-day workshops for practitioners representing parents, children and agencies and judges and other stakeholders who want to pilot, replicate or fund some or all of the CFR Cornerstone model. We host these in New York City and in other states and design the institute curriculum in close collaboration with practitioners who will attend.

Since 2010, CFR has trained practitioners from California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Montana, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Vermont, Wisconsin, and beyond.

Additional Training for Practitioners

CFR provides additional presentations, that include materials in a range of subjects including Motivational Interviewing, Appeals, Interdisciplinary Practice, Integrating Parent Mentors into a Legal Team, Fund-raising, and more.

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