This 23-Year-Old’s Newborn Was Taken by the Government. Here’s How She Got Her Back.

September 30, 2019

Michele Cortese, Executive Director of CFR, Martin Guggenheim, CFR Board member and Professor of Clinical Law at NYU, and Eden Karnes, Senior Staff Social Worker, were quoted in a recent article by The Imprint entitled, “This 23-Year-Old’s Newborn Was Taken By the Government. Here’s How She Got Her Back.”

The article tells the story of one of CFR’s clients who lost her newborn to the Administration of Children Services (ACS), and with the help of CFR, safely reunified with her child.

Here are some highlighted quotes from the article:

“In our cases, a parent meets an attorney and a social work staff member on the very first day the case is in court. The client has two team members assisting simultaneously,” said Michele Cortese.

“Our job is to advocate for our clients, like a lawyer, so they don’t feel alone — but advocate outside the courtroom while the attorney advocates inside the courtroom,” said Eden Karnes.

Read the full article here.