Michael's Story

Proving He Could Be a Parent – To Himself & Others

CFR met Michael when he was just 17. He was already the father of two children, but since he had grown up in foster care, he felt angry and abandoned and did not yet have the skills to parent his children. He also had a hard time trusting his CFR team–but they soon proved that they were there for him.

With their support, Michael proved to himself and to the child welfare system that he was committed to being a father. He attended parenting classes, therapy, and anger management and eventually built the skills and maturity to cope with his past and raise his children safely. Eventually, the court awarded him full custody of his kids. Today, Michael works a steady job, his children are doing well in school, and the family lives happily together.

Michael is an example of strength, perseverance, and growth–and because he truly embodies the spirit of CFR, he was honored with the Spirit Award at our 2014 Celebrating Families gala. CFR is so proud of Michael for his achievements!