Why An Attorney May Not Be Enough In Child Welfare Cases

July 14, 2019

Michele Cortese, Executive Director of the Center for Family Representation, and Martin Guggenheim, Professor of Clinical Law at NYU, were interviewed by Law360 for an article entitled, “Why An Attorney May Not Be Enough In Child Welfare Cases.”

The article depicts the results of a research study conducted by researchers at NYU School of Law and Action Research about the impact of a multidisciplinary approach on child welfare cases.

Here are some highlighted quotes from the article:

“Some critics were potentially saying, ‘Are those kids as safe? If kids come home fast, is there a chance they’re coming home too fast?’” Cortese said. “This study … indicated that our clients’ children come home faster than when parents are represented by a solo practitioner, and there’s no increased repeat maltreatment.

“There’s nothing that indicates they’re not as safe,” Cortese said.

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