Another Crisis at the U.S. Border: Haiti, Title 42, and International Law

As the world recently bore witness to the devastating way the U.S. treated Haitian refugees coming to our borders seeking safety, one thing is clear:  We must critically examine the ways in which we respond to the persons and families that come to the U.S. border seeking our protection. Several questions are illuminated:  Was this legal?  Are we complying with our moral, ethical and international obligations to displaced persons and honoring their dignity and human rights? How does a global pandemic impact these obligations?

Join us for a convening of experts who will discuss the most recent crisis at the U.S. border.  Panelists will provide further details into this and similar instances of human rights violations at our border.  They will also examine current events from an international law perspective while simultaneously exploring the U.S.’s use of public health authority under Title 42 as justification for keeping out groups of Haitian refugees and other displaced persons.  Finally, join us for a discussion of how to get involved with efforts to provide legal and other resources to Haitian and other refugees.